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Vicki Townsend
Vicki Townsend Realtor®
7820 Eagle Crest Blvd
Evansville, IN 47715

Vicki Townsend Realtor®

Fresh out of college, she had a job leasing apartments.  Showing someone their potential new space was something she loved to do.  It’s only natural, then, that she would become a REALTOR® a few years later.

Vicki Townsend has worked in retail and sales for over 20 years and now she is putting those skills to use in a career in real estate.  Those skills include attention to detail, responsibility, honesty, relationship building, a true interest in helping others, AND, sometimes more importantly, the ability to laugh and enjoy her work.

Personally, she loves being outdoors, reading, teaching Sunday School, shopping, spending time with her kiddos and husband, vacationing on the beach, hanging out with girlfriends, and  playing with her dog Ponchi who is larger than life.

Talk To Vicki at (812) 677-2838!

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