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Jon Newcomb
Jon Newcomb Realtor®
7820 Eagle Crest Blvd
Evansville, IN 47715

Jon Newcomb Realtor®

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Building a new home for your family can be one of the most enjoyable experiences or it can become very frustrating.  Jon Newcomb and Eagle Construction will make building a new home a fun and exciting experience.  Jon has 24 years of experience in the residential construction trade, distributed building materials to the builders. "Went from selling parts and pieces in 1984, to selling the whole package in 2004."  Jon can help your family understand the in's and out's of the building process.  Eagle Construction has a New Home Showroom that will make decision making a whole lot easier!  If you need help selling your present home, Jon can put together a successful marketing plan to keep you moving towards that new home!  Contact Jon via email at or at 812-455-3602.

Jon proudly represents Eagle Construction!  Visit them online at