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Gretchen Muchnick
Gretchen Muchnick
7820 Eagle Crest Blvd
Evansville, IN 47715

Gretchen Muchnick

Gretchen Briscoe Muchnick joined F.C. Tucker Emge in 2006 and now is one of the company owners, focused on marketing and strategic planning. Her history with F.C. Tucker Emge goes back to her days in high school when she served as a weekend receptionist, imbibing the "all-in" ethos of the family business from the beginning. Prior to F.C. Tucker Emge, Gretchen worked as a Corporate Media Relations Manager with Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio. She graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. When Gretchen and her husband, Marc, returned to Evansville in 2006, she gradually assumed responsibility for the company’s marketing and branding efforts. She and her business partners are second-generation owners of the largest real estate company in the area.  

Under Gretchen's adept leadership, the company has undergone remarkable transformations. She played a pivotal role in the launch of the new and improved, now recognized as the area's top-rated real estate website. In addition, Gretchen oversees a comprehensive suite of marketing tools designed to empower real estate agents, manages the company's Information Technology department, and leads strategic planning efforts, further enhancing F.C. Tucker Emge’s standing in the real estate industry.

Beyond her role in the business realm, Gretchen is deeply committed to community organizations. With an impressive history of service, she has contributed to the boards of organizations such as the Evansville Airport Authority, United Way, and Evansville Christian School. Currently serving on the Board of the Deaconess Foundation and as a mentor with Youth Resources, Gretchen Briscoe Muchnick stands as a dynamic force in both the real estate industry and community service, setting a high standard for leadership and dedication.

Outside of her professional and community roles, Gretchen and Marc Muchnick are proud parents of four children. Two are currently pursuing their education in college, while the younger two are at home. Each of their children participated in the Suzuki violin program at the University of Evansville, reflecting the family's appreciation for music. She volunteers with the Suzuki Association of Indiana, promoting music education across the state.