In September of 2008, the company relaunched its website, creating a one-stop source for homebuyers and sellers in our area. FCTuckerEmge.com has quickly become THE destination for all things real estate. Featuring interactive mapping, saved searches, large high resolution photos, new listing alerts, multi-point driving directions, property compare, school reports, virtual tours and area wide open house listings, the company's website has become a key element of our lead generation strategy. And the numbers speak for themselves. FCTuckerEmge.com boasts an average of 31,000 unique visitors a month, spending nearly 10 minutes on the website. In addition, FCTuckerEmge.com has the highest traffic rankings of any real estate company in our area according to Alexa.com.

Agent Website

Having your own website has become a must in today's marketplace, and F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® has made it easy (and free!) for our agents. Immediately after joining the team, each agent is launched into our website, giving them their own website and unique URL (www.FCTuckerEmge.com/agentname). If you already own a unique domain, we can help you redirect to your new F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® website, where you are the only agent listed and all leads go straight to your inbox!


Search for any home on your Smart Phone by going to TuckerMobile.com on your web browser. Here you can search listing by address, MLS number or zip code all from the convenience of your Smart Phone.

Market Snapshot

This monthly service gives F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® clients information on active listings and homes sold within the last 90 days. More importantly, it positions F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® as the source for information on the local real estate market. Subscribers receive an email from the company about every thirty days with the latest and greatest marketing information. This email includes multiple opportunities for the user to request more information, which then goes into our lead pipeline!

Tour Factory

Each agent has access to their own Tour Factory account, an internet based system that makes creating and syndicating your visual tours a breeze! The tool is easy to use; all you need is a camera and an internet connection to load your photos. After you create an active tour, it is automatically syndicated to over 20 real estate websites, such as Facebook, giving your listings more exposure!


In addition to being syndicated through Tour Factory to Craigs List, you have the opportunity to create a custom, high quality brochure for each of your listings from the website. Easy to use, this tool allows more buyers to see your listings and more leads to your inbox!

Opportunity Time

Every hour of every day, someone is looking for a home - and don't you want to be there when they call? Placed on a rotating schedule, each agent has the opportunity to be the voice of expertise on the other end of the line when a buyer or seller contacts the company. Working floor time during the day, or nightly and weekend diverter, is a great way to build your business and create leads you can convert to closings!

F.C. Tucker Emge and F.C. Tucker Collier Kiosk at Eastland Mall

With prime location in the area's largest shopping mall, the F. C. Tucker Emge Kiosk is a great way to gain exposure. All agents can take advantage of the opportunity to work at the mall and answer questions of buyers and sellers visiting the mall. With careful selected marketing material and continuously running slide shows of Tucker listings, the kiosk is another source of leads for you!


As consumers have transferred away from print advertising as a main source of information, so have we. Using CourierPress.com as a vehicle to reach the largest part of our market, we've developed unique advertising that showcases listings and drives consumers to our website. Boasting the highest click through rates seen on CourierPress.com, our online advertising is creating more interest in our agents' listings and driving more traffic to our website. That equals more leads for our agents!

Personalized Listing Presentation

Each agent is given a personalized listing presentation filled with useful information and statistics to help secure a listing. Our market dominance, superior tools and more are showcased in order to help a potential client see that an agent from F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® is going to get results that they want. An agent can further personalize their presentation by working with our graphic designer to make changes and additions to suit their needs.

Market Watch

Our monthly F. C. Tucker Emge Market Watch newsletter is a great synopsis of what has happened in our local real estate market in the last month. This gives agents another wonderful service to keep their buyers and sellers aware of what is going on in our markets as we continue to be the best source of local real estate information.

Internet Team

FCTuckerEmge.com has the highest internet traffic of any real estate company in the area. Because of our high rate of traffic, thousands of potential clients are browsing for new homes and looking for a professional realtor. Any agent, regardless of experience, is given the opportunity to receive leads generated from our website. Our Internet Team provides another great way for an agent to acquire new clients.

Corporate Communications

Through our relationship with F. C. Tucker Company Inc., our agents are given the opportunity to work with the Corporate Communications team. They provide free service to any of our agents to help design a brand, direct mail, brochures, agent logos and much more. With their expertise in the reals estate business and at no cost, they are an exceptional resource for our agents.