Communication, Communication, Communication. We all know it is the key to keeping our clients happy and satisfied, but finding the time to do it consistently can be challenging. F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® has focused on adopting tools to make client communication automated and efficient. As a result, we've seen client satisfaction soar.


We all know sellers are anxious to get feedback on their home following a showing. And sometimes that feedback isn’t easy to deliver. HomeFeedback has become a key communication tool for our agents and works automatically in conjunction with MLS and Supra. As soon as your listings are shown, the listing agent receives a request for feedback, which includes questions you can tailor. Feedback is requested 3 times and if the cooperating agent doesn’t respond, the seller is notified. When they do respond, their feedback is shared directly with your client, taking you out of the middle. In addition, HomeFeedback sends your clients weekly summaries of feedback. This system allows you to work with the seller to analyze feedback and make necessary adjustments to sell your listings faster!

Tour Factory Seller's Reporting

With 83% of today’s homebuyers beginning their search online, the number of physical showings has taken a plunge. 1st, 2nd, even 3rd showings happen online, before potential buyers even consider making an appointment. That can be difficult for sellers to understand. With the use of TourFactory to create a visual tour, you’ll always have good news to share. Each week, your seller
will receive a customized report showing how frequently the virtual tour of their home was viewed across all the websites TourFactory sends your listing to. Graphically pleasing, this report keeps sellers satisfied that while physical showings might not be frequent, their home is being shown online everyday!

Seller’s Reporting from FCTuckerEmge.com

Given the outstanding feedback agents received from Tour Factory seller’s reporting, we developed our own system to report online traffic to FCTuckerEmge.com. Each week, your seller receives a comprehensive report regarding traffic to their home on FCTuckerEmge.com. Breaking the numbers down, sellers can see how often their home was returned in search results vs. how often a home buyer chooses to view details on the property. This report comes from your email address each week on your chosen day. This is another way to keep sellers satisfied and reinforces the fact that showings happen online!

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