Do You Have What it Takes?

Here are a few of the attributes we think make a successful REALTOR:

  • Good Listener: The emphasis is on listening, not talking. The idea that a “fast talker” is a good sales person is out of place in real estate. Communication is both the ability to speak well and to listen, so that you truly hear what your buyers and sellers are saying.

  • Financially Solvent: The pressure of unpaid bills can be your death as a new salesperson. While financially motivated salespeople are acceptable, we find that adequate savings for at least 4 to 6 months enables you to concentrate on service and not on commissions.

  • Team Oriented: The real estate salesperson is self-employed but not isolated. Sales-people are, by nature, enthusiastic and emotional.

  • Emotional Stability: The nature of our business is not unlike the Olympic Games. Each day brings the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. If you can recover quickly from lost sales and listings and can also accept success with-out becoming “a poor winner,” you will prosper and endure.

  • Physical Stamina: Selling real estate is a very demanding profession. At the end of a long day after many showings, missed meals and mental stress, you may find yourself presenting an offer to a seller that can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Tolerant Family: This is perhaps the most important. Without the confidence, support, trust and understanding of your family, you will work against unfavorable odds. A clear understanding of the hours, commission arrangement and demands of the real estate business by all parties is essential for success.

  • Likes People: Constant exposure to people with problems means you must basically enjoy people or the continuous stress will wear you down.

  • Empathy: You must like people, and you must learn to empathize with them. However, there is danger in becoming too involved. There is a difference between jumping into the water with a drowning man and throwing him a lifeline.

  • Ego-Drive: The need to do whatever you do as best you can. Ego-drive is another term for pride.

  • Self-Starter: Real estate is a business where results bring commissions, but there is no salary for just “showing up.” If you organize your priorities and keep your objectives clearly in focus, you’re a candidate for success.

  • Patience: You will need great patience to cope with this “hurry up and wait” business. Too often, inconsiderate people can make you lose your composure. Be careful!

  • Thirst For Knowledge: Our business is constantly changing. You must learn and grow continuously.

If these attributes describe you, talk to John Briscoe today about a career in real estate!

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