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How to Hold a Moving Sale

Submitted by Rolando Trentini, Agent

You're about to relocate and along with that comes the task of moving all your goods. Now is a good time to decide what you will keep and what you wish to leave behind. A moving sale can reduce the weight of your shipment and the cost of your move. Also, of course, a moving sale can generate additional funds that may offset other expenses.

The key to a successful moving sale is determining what you no longer use, have outgrown, or what you can easily replace at your new home. Remember, what may seem worthless to you is another person's treasure.

And who knows, if you haven't sold your home yet, a moving sale may even attract the right buyer.

How to Begin

Ask your family members about items they wish to sell, they may desire to sell more things than you imagined. Or, you might organize a "neighborhood" sale and pool the efforts of other families on your street.

When to Have Your Sale

Set a date and a time as soon as you can. Fridays and Saturdays are usually best; however, try to avoid holiday weekends. Establish a rain date if you think it may be necessary. Determine the hours, such as 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Many shoppers like to be first in line, so be prepared for early arrivals.

Where to Hold Your Sale

Check with local authorities about restrictions for sales in your area. Once you have a location, decide if the sale will be in the garage, yard or basement. Make sure there is ample parking and space for people to move about.

Publicize Your Sale

A good source of publicity is your local paper. Contact the Classified Advertising department to find out:
-How they calculate costs - by column inches, number of lines or number of words?
-What is the cost to run the ad Friday and Saturday vs Saturday...

A Safe and Successful Open House

by Harris Howerton, Manager, Westside Office

For most real estate companies, an open house is part of the marketing strategy.

The more potential buyers you can get to view your home, the better chance you have to sell it.

Open houses can provide instant feedback to sellers and provide word of mouth once neighbors know it's on the market.

Open houses also have their drawbacks. You get lookers trying to pick up some decorating hints and curious neighbors who always wanted to know how your house looks on the inside.

Meanwhile, if your agent thinks holding an open house is a good idea for your situation, there are a number of things to do before the big day, including:

-Boost your curb appeal. Mow the lawn, manicure the landscape and plant a few colorful annuals among the landscape or in large containers. Make sure your walkway and front porch are clear from any clutter, debris, leaves, ice or snow. Spruce up the front door, whether it's with a fresh coat of paint, a seasonal wreath, or new hardware.

-Clear the clutter. Nothing turns off prospective buyers - or will get neighbors gossiping - more than a house in disorder. Clear the counters, get rid of the knickknacks, limit the number of family photos and personal items on display. If you have too much furniture, put some of it in storage. Don't crowd your closets - the fewer clothes hanging in them, the larger the closets will appear.

-Get down to the nitty gritty and clean every corner from the kitchen to the laundry room to the kids' rooms. And don't forget the windows. This is the one time you'll want to be sure the windows are sparkling.

-Put expensive jewelry, precious coins, rare stamps and your other small valuable items into a safe deposit box or figure out another place to put them so they...

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