Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Evansville!


Cinco de Mayo – Evansville’s Favorite Mexican Restaurants

Grab your sombrero and get ready to party, Cinco de Mayo is almost here (and it falls on a Saturday this year… WOO)! Head towards your nearest Mexican restaurant to join the festivities and enjoy a nice pitcher or two of margaritas! We might not be in Mexico, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate like we are. Here are a few of Evansville’s favorite Mexican restaurants!


El Patron

Why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an award-winning margarita? Stop by El Patron and give their La Gran Margarita a sip! Feeling extra hungry? Test your limits with the Anaconda Burrito – at over 2 feet long, it should be plenty to fill you up, and then some!

El Patron – Cinco de Mayo Specials


It’s always a party the week leading up to Cinco de Mayo at Hacienda. With live music and drink specials, there’s no fiesta like a Hacienda fiesta.



Enjoy a night out at Herradura where both food and service are always excellent! Drop in on Friday for their karaoke contest, then return on Saturday for a great Cinco de Mayo celebration!



Enjoy $0.99 margaritas for the start of a great night at Jalisco’s! We highly recommend trying the Mexican Chicken Soup while you’re there as well.


Los Bravos

Los Bravos is never a disappointing option. So why not stop in and try an Adios Margarita! Say “adios” to sobriety if this is your margarita of choice and be sure to have an Uber ready to go…


Los Portales

Formerly known as Acapulco, Los Portales delivers a Mexican-inspired experience that will make all of your Cinco de Mayo dreams come true.


No matter how you choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the important thing is for you to stay safe. So, drink responsibly or be sure to call an Uber!

Who do you think has the best margarita in town?


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