Evansville Spring Heavy Trash Pick Up

Heavy Trash pickup is a great time to declutter your home! Evansville Heavy Trash Pick Up will run from March 30, 2015 - May 29, 2015. Check the map below for your area's heavy trash pickup date.

To learn more about trash pick up in the city of Evansville - City of Evansville - Heavy Trash Pickup


Interest Rates Are Low!

Have you heard? Interest Rates are LOW! You may not think the holiday season is the time to purchase your dream home, but it is. Talk to a Tucker agent today to purchae the home of your dreams for this holiday season!


Long-Lasting Halloween Decorations

Looking for sleek fall decorating ideas that last all the way through Halloween? You've come to the right spot. Better Homes and Garden's collection of eclectic autumn displays and spookily stylish Halloween decor is sure to bring a little magic to your home all season long.

Simple Fall Mantel with Leaf Garland

Arrange faux-leaf garlands and plastic pumpkins around a rustic mounted centerpiece for an easy fall mantel. Add mercury-glass candlesticks on both ends for symmetry.

Earthy Accents

Add long-lasting natural beauty to your mantel, counters, and tabletops with birch logs, faux foliage, and plastic gourds. Finish the fall display with a sparkle by filling mini Mason jars with tea lights.

Find other Halloween Decorations Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens - Long-Lasting Halloween Decorations


Kathy and Kevin Complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Kathy and Kevin completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this morning at Sales Meeting! They would like to challenge George Postletheweight and Kim Seibert at the SIAR Board Office! 


What Not To Do as a New Homeowner

If you’re new to homeownership, you’ll definitely want to avoid these boneheaded but easy-to-prevent mistakes that could cost you big time.

We know so well the thrill of owning your own house — but don’t let the excitement cause you to overlook the basics. We’ve gathered up a half dozen classic boo-boos new homeowners often commit — and give you some insight on why each is critically important to avoid.

1. Not Knowing Where the Main Water Shutoff Valve Is

Water from a burst or broken plumbing pipe can spew dozens of gallons into your home’s interior in a matter of minutes, soaking everything in sight — including drywall, flooring, and valuables. In fact, water damage is one of the most common of all household insurance claims.

Quick-twitch reaction is needed to stave off a major bummer. Before disaster hits, find your water shutoff valve, which will be located where a water main enters your house. Make sure everyone knows where it’s located and how to close the valve. A little penetrating oil on the valve stem makes sure it’ll work when you need it to.

2. Not Calling 811 Before Digging a Hole

Ah, spring! You’re so ready to dig into your new yard and plant bushes and build that fence. But don’t — not until you’ve dialed 811, the national dig-safely hotline. The hotline will contact all your local utilities who will then come to your property — often within a day — to mark the location of underground pipes, cables, and wires.

This free service keeps you safe and helps avoid costly repairs. In many states, calling 811 is the law, so you’ll also avoid fines....

Evansville Heavy Trash Pick Up

Heavy Trash pickup is a great time to declutter your home! Evansville Heavy Trash Pick Up will run from August 25, 2014 - October 21, 2014. Check the map below for your area's heavy trash pickup date.

To learn more about trash pick up in the city of Evansville - City of Evansville - Heavy Trash Pickup


20 Savvy Ways to Stay Organized

Bring order to the chaotic and cluttered areas of your home with these can-do solutions for creating well-edited and well-organized spaces that will stay that way.

1: A Perfectionist Personality

If labels make your pulse race, if you alphabetize your cookbooks, and/or sort clothes in your closet by color, then you might have what professional organizer Audrey Thomas calls a librarian's organization personality. You thrive on order and subscribe whole-heartedly to the motto "a place for everything, and everything in its place." But don't let your own perfectionism stop you from starting a project. Having a functional home is far more important than having a perfect one. Use these ideas to conquer problems areas in an efficient fashion. Plus, download our free tip sheet for streamlining your filing system.

2: Mudroom Makeup

Successfully manage the influx of papers and outerwear near your home's main entry point with a combination of open shelving, seating, and hooks. A repurposed bookshelf provides dual benefits: Its table surface gives you an immediate place to drop items, while the shelves below keep shoes, outdoor accessories, and other small items neatly contained. A corner bench encourages family members to remove their shoes before they track dirt into the house. Hooks keep coats, bags, and hats at the ready. If you have space, add open shelving or cubbies up high to house baskets or bins.

3: Individual Lockers

Personal cubbies make it easy for the whole family...

10 Things a Burglar Doesn’t Want You to Know

Successful burglars have lots in common — home owners who unwittingly give invitations to robbery. Here’s how thieves thank you for your generosity.

You come home to an open front door, a ransacked house, and missing valuables. How did a burglar know you’d be gone? How did they get in?

In these 10 thank-you notes, your friendly neighborhood burglars share advice on how to stop lending them a helping hand.

1. Thanks for the ladder!

Call me a social climber if you will, but I did discover a ladder in your back yard. Thank you for leaving it where I could lean it against your home and easily reach a second-story window. I really love it when upper story openings aren’t wired to a home security system! 

So, if you want to keep me out, store your ladder in the basement or a locked garage. And call your security company to wire upper-story windows into your alarm system.

Vertically yours,
A rising star

2. Loved your trash

Can’t tell you how much fun I have driving around neighborhoods on trash day (especially after big gift holidays) when the empty boxes on the curb reveal what wonderful new toys you have. Your thoughtfulness made it possible for me to land a new laptop and a flat-screen television in one easy trip to your home!

Next time, break down the boxes and conceal them in the recycling or trash bins. 

Happy shopping!
Curbside Cruiser

3. Dear Can’t-Get-Around-to-It

Recently, I noticed you hadn’t trimmed trees and shrubs around your home, so I knew I’d have a wonderful place to hide while I worked to break into your home. I really can’t thank you enough for all the great new things I grabbed.

Next time, trim back bushes...

One Small Tip to Make a Room Seem Larger

Change the way your door swings and you can change the look and feel of your room. Here’s how.

Got space problems? Changing the way your door swings might help.

A 32-inch door typically eats up about 13 sq. ft. of floor space when it swings. Change the door swing and you can decide where to place that wasted space — on the left or right of your doorway, or on the inside or outside of the wall.

Here are some advantages of changing the swing:

Change the swing from inside to outside, and you can reclaim the entire 13 sq. ft. in a small room, which could let you have that sofa after all.

Change the swing from left to right (or vice versa) and you free up the wall space where the door would rest. Now you’ve got room for a desk, table, or dresser.

Remove the door and switch to a sliding or pocket door, and you have 13 sq. ft. to use any way you want.

Read more: One Small Tip to Make a Room Seem Larger


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