7 Easy Tips to get Your Yard Ready for Spring!


Spring is in full force! It’s important to know just what needs to be done to have your yard looking spectacular for the warmer months! Here are a few tips that’ll have your yard being the envy of the neighborhood!

    1. Take stock of your tools and equipment. Sharpen the blade on your mower to get a clean and sharp cut. Evaluate your gear to see if it is working properly. Nothing dampens your spirit more than starting to work and realizing that you don’t have the needed equipment or that the equipment you do have is broken! So be proactive, and if need be get new tools before you start!
    2. Make sure to re-seed bare patches. Nothing looks worse in a yard than having dead spots where no grass is growing. Make sure to use the same grass seed that you currently have growing, too! After you spread the seed, put some fertilizer over and compress the spot to truly implant the seed.
    3. Get rid of any weeds that have grown over the course of winter. Nobody likes weeds, so make sure to have your yard looking well-kept by pulling them up or spraying them with a weed-killer. My personal favorite is the Roundup® Ready-to-Use Weed & Grass Killer III. It comes with an easy to use sprayer nozzle that lets you pinpoint weeds or spray over a larger area and is sure to keep the weeds from coming back for a significant amount of time!
    4. Reapply a layer of mulch around the bases of trees, plants, and flowers. A fresh layer
       of mulch adds a rich color to your lawn that makes it look fresher and invigorated. It also helps to prevent the growth of weeds, and helps your plants grow fuller.
    5. Fertilize your yard. Now this is a tricky one as there are all kinds of differing opinionson when and how to do so. I would recommend mowing the yard before fertilizing, and then using granular fertilizer. Although seeing professionals spray a yard with liquid fertilizer in a short amount of time seems easy and quick, it isn’t as simple as it looks. In fact, it is all too easy to apply too much in certain areas while missing others altogether! However, before you fertilize, make sure to read up on the type of grass you have and the type of fertilizer you need.
    6. Mow often and mow high. It may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, but mowing is a key part in maintaining a beautiful lawn. You should aim to keep your grass at a height of 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches and should never cut more than a third of the grass’s height in one mowing. Doing this will make your yard tougher and better equipped to keep out weeds. It will also help keep it greener by making it less susceptible to heat or rainless droughts.
    7. Create a focal point in your yard that will draw the attention of on-lookers! You want to have something that differentiates your lawn from that of your neighbors. Add new layers of plants or colorful decorations and garden art. Most importantly, get creative! Make your yard into something you love and want to look at, because in the end that is what is most important!


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