Company History

2010 was an exciting year for F.C. Tucker Emge and F.C. Tucker Collier as we celebrated our 100th Anniversary. Our company has grown to what we are today through the efforts of many, many people. Read the following rich history of our company and imagine how we'll grow from here!

F.C. Tucker Emge and F.C. Tucker Collier history started in 1910 when Eli Huber closed his first sale… A farm, located near Rockport, Indiana.

Traveling from Evansville by horse and buggy, he picked up his clients and they began the journey to Rockport that would take all morning. It was dark by the time Mr. Huber had finished showing the farm and his prospects insisted he spend the night with them instead of traveling back to Evansville. He awoke the next morning and finalized the deal, and Huber Realty was born. In ensuing years, Eli would assist many families in making the dream of owning a home a reality. With professionalism, service and hard work, the company and its reputation grew.

In 1945, Eli’s son, Curt Huber, joined the firm. It was just after the war, and army life had taught Curt that standardized forms could make business more efficient. He developed listing contracts, sales contracts, and a variety of other forms for use by Huber Realty Company.

With servicemen returning from World War II needing homes, the area’s housing market was booming. Other real estate companies began to emerge. One of those companies was Emge Realty, founded in 1946 by Norman Emge. Emge quickly became a leader in the real estate business, and in 1963 Norman’s son, Keith, joined the firm. Like Curt Huber, Keith understood the importance of running a business efficiently, as well as teamwork and learning from others. In 1984, Keith bought the company from his father.

In 1987, Huber REALTORS® became the first firm in Indiana to affiliate with the state’s largest independent Real Estate Brokerage, the F.C. Tucker Company changing its name to F.C.Tucker/Huber REALTORS®.

In 1988, Kevin Eastridge joined the firm as a sales manager. Three years later, Kathy Briscoe came to F.C.Tucker/Huber REALTORS® from Don Cox and Associates.

Briscoe, with a background in education and a Masters degree, joined forces with Eastridge who had banking experience and an MBA, to form a new, formidable partnership in Southwestern Indiana real estate – purchasing F.C. Tucker /Huber REALTORS® in 1992.

The following year, the needs of the business community came into focus with the inception of F.C. Tucker Commercial. In 2004, under the leadership of Ken Newcomb Jr, F.C. Tucker Commercial went on to sign a strategic alliance agreement with Turley Martin Tucker, the largest full service Commercial and Industrial Real Estate firm in the eastern half of the United States. With offices in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Nashville, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Minneapolis /St. Paul, F.C. Tucker Commercial now had the backing of over 900 employees and 400 licensed commercial practitioners with over two billion dollars in annual sales. This alliance allowed F.C. Tucker Commercial to offer clients a wider range of services.

F.C. Tucker Huber Realtors began to enjoy the advantages of association with the large regional broker. On top of their main residential and commercial office in Evansville, F.C. Tucker/Huber REALTORS® opened an office in Newburgh in 1994 and a third office in Vincennes in 1997.

Emge Realty continued to grow, as well. With several offices in Evansville, they expanded with an office in Newburgh, another in Mt. Vernon and provided real estate information and services from their Eastland Mall office.

Both F.C.Tucker/Huber REALTORS® and Emge Realty became leaders in the industry in Southwestern Indiana. Both companies were active in the Evansville Area Association REALTORS®. Keith Emge, Kathy Briscoe and Kevin Eastridge worked hard to promote excellence in service, and provided outstanding training opportunities for sales associates.

The end of the century brought many changes to the world of real estate. Just as Eli Huber took advantage of faster, easier travel by automobile to increase sales, F.C.Tucker/Huber REALTORS® embraced the information age and the opportunities computers and the Internet introduced. In 1994, they were the first company in the area to launch a website which offered home shoppers the ability to search for any home from the comfort of their home. The company continued to lead the way with the introduction of virtual tours and mobile search technologies.

In February 2002, F.C.Tucker/Huber REALTORS® and Emge REALTY® joined together to become F.C.Tucker Emge. The tradition of integrity, excellence and service, established back in 1910 by Eli Huber and in 1946 by Norman Emge, continues today with Kathy Briscoe and Kevin Eastridge, as owners.

2006 brought further growth with the merger of Kattman Realty, led by Bill Kattman, and the opening of an additional office on Pearl Drive on the west side of Evansville. The company also partnered with Paula Johnston to open its first office outside of Indiana in Henderson, Kentucky. In addition, Anita Waldroup Realty joined the company with her successful Princeton office.

F.C. Tucker Emge and F.C. Tucker Collier continued to stay on the forefront of technology with the launch of a completely redesigned, consumer focused website in the fall of 2008. Featuring an interactive map search, saved properties, street views of listings and the most comprehensive search in our area, FCTuckerEmge.com is the Easiest Search on the Web!

In 2009, the firm continued to expand with the merger of Evansville’s third largest real estate company, The Realty Group, owned by Wayne Ellis. The addition of these outstanding agents made F.C. Tucker Emge and F.C. Tucker Collier the dominant real estate company in Southern Indiana.

Today, F.C. Tucker Emge and F.C. Tucker Collier has ten offices including five in Evansville, one in Newburgh, Henderson, Princeton, and Vincennes. There are now over 170 professionals listing and selling real estate for a company that began with one man, selling a farm in Rockport, Indiana, 100 years ago.